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Domestic Investigations - Cheating Spouses

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Surveillance Operations

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Executive Protection

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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) - Bug Sweeps

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Cell Phone Forensics

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Workers Comp Investigations & Insurance Special Investigations Risk Management

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Workplace Protection Services

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Process Serving

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Automobile Locates - Skip Tracing

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Missing Persons & Locates

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Financial Investigations

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Employee Screening Services

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Litigation Support & Intel

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Due Diligence Investigations

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Forensic Investigations

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Criminal Investigations

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About Us

About Us
If you’re looking for a "Professional Investigator," don't hire a company that does PI work part-time. Hire a LICENSED, BONDED, INSURED, and PROFESSIONAL company with a team of dedicated professionals that possess decades of law enforcement experience in: Civil & Criminal investigations; Interview & Interrogations; Mobile & Static Surveillance; and excellent written/oral communication. Each investigator has a proven track record and consistently strives to exceed client expectations delivering results. The Private Eyes, Inc. team covers the entire state of North Carolina and more.

Private Eyes, Inc. meets all state-mandated requirements under the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS) issued by the Private Protective Services Board (PPSB). Private Eyes, Inc. complies with relevant North Carolina law, Private Protective Services N.C.G.S. 74-C, and the Board's Administrative Rules and Regulations under Private Protective Services 14B N.C.A.C. 16. to carry out investigations statewide.


NC Protection Group (d.b.a. Private Eyes, Inc.) consistently exceeds our Client expectations and strives to provide an exceptional Client experience exceeding the industry standard by employing highly experienced Private Investigators and Executive Protection Agents that possess: Character, Honesty, Accountability, Respect, Professionalism, and Integrity (C.H.A.R.P.I.)

Guiding Principles

1. All investigations and protective services will be conducted thoroughly and competently.

2. Professionalism will be exercised at all times in all aspects of our operations to both internal and external Clients.

3. We will always strive to provide exceptional Client customer service and communications.

4. Our rates for our services must be both competitive and cost beneficial for our Clients.

"Our services MUST be in accordance to our Guiding Principles, no exceptions!"

~Gary Pastor, NC Protection Group (d.b.a. Private Eyes, Inc.), Owner and President

The Team

Gary Pastor

Owner/President - Licensed Private Investigator (LPI) NCPPSB No. 2664 and (Armed) Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) - Greenville Corporate Division

Statewide Coverage

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Eric Anfuso

Licensed Private Investigator Associate (LPIA) NCPPSB No. 5436 and (Armed) Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) - Charlotte Division

Albemarle - Charlotte - Concord - Gastonia - Harrisburg - Kannapolis - Matthews - Mt. Holly - Pineville - Salisbury

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Zack Conner

Licensed Private Investigator (LPI) NCPPSB No. 5254 and (Armed) Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) - Raleigh Division

Apex - Bethesda - Cary - Chapel Hill - Clayton - Durham - Garner - Holly Springs - Morrisville - New Hope - Raleigh - Wake Forest - Wendell

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Mark Edmonds

Licensed Private Investigator Associate (LPIA) NCPPSB No. 4157-PIA and Personal (Armed) Protection Specialist (PPS) - Asheville Division

Asheville - Brevard - Burnsville - Cherokee - Columbus - East Flat Rock - Forest City - Hendersonville - Hickory - Lake Lure - Maggie Valley - Marion - Murphy - Sylva - Waynesville

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David Roebuck

Licensed Private Investigator Associate (LPIA) NCPPSB No. 3765-PIA and (Armed) Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) - Greenville Division

Elizabeth City - Greenville - Goldsboro - Havelock - Jacksonville - Kinston - Morehead City - New Bern - Roanoke Rapids - Rocky Mount - Wallace - Wilmington - Wilson

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STATES WITH LIMITED RECIPROCITY The North Carolina Private Protective Services Board currently has limited reciprocal agreements with seven (7) states for Private Investigations. Those states are:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia

These reciprocal agreements allow for licensed private investigation agencies and private investigators from each of these specific states to enter North Carolina to conduct investigations of certain cases without having to be licensed by the North Carolina PPS Board. In addition, these agreements allow North Carolina licensed private investigators to enter each of these states to investigate certain cases without having to obtain a license in that state. There are specific conditions and limitations to these agreements as indicated below:

  1. Agencies and Investigators must be licensed (or registered, if applicable) and in good standing in their home state.
  2. The case being investigated must have originated in the home state.
  3. Out-of-state investigators may not solicit private investigative business or open an office while in North Carolina.
  4. North Carolina investigators may not solicit private investigative business or open an office while in one of these other states.
  5. Investigations are limited to thirty (30) days per agency per case in all states, with the exception of Tennessee, which limits investigations to fifteen (15) days.
  6. Investigations exceeding the above time limits must be handled by a private investigator licensed in the state where the investigation is being conducted.
  7. Investigators conducting any investigations that do not fall into the above described category must obtain a license from the particular state prior to conducting such investigations.

NC Protection Group

Protection and Concierge Services | Protecting you and your interests is what we do.

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  • 740 Southeast Greenville Boulevard, Ste 400-105, Greenville, NC 27858
  • Private Eyes, Inc. has investigators that cover North Carolina and extend to other areas outside of the state when applicable.


"If you need to hire a PI, this is the team to hire. They were compassionate and professional from the first contact to the last. They were able to provide me with the truth I needed to move forward.""

Shawn O. Domestic Investigations

"Excellent group of highly trained individuals. Highly recommended!""

Ben Whitehurst Executive Protection

"Knowledge, experience and professionalism is what a client will get. I would recommend this company to others without hesitation.""

L. Campbell Executive Protection

"I had a delicate situation with my child a few years ago that needed investigation. I called around to several companies and got straightforward answers from Gary Pastor. I am so glad that I contacted him. He has a staff of full-time investigators with many years of experience. They handled my case with urgency and professionalism. Gary and his staff are top notch!"

R. Johnson Domestic Investigations

"Gary and his staff are true professionals. Will gladly work with them again any time."

Anthony Troeger, LPI, President & CEO, Aardwolf International Executive Protection

"I highly recommend Private Eyes for any investigative need you have. They are very thorough and professional and get results quickly. Their investigators will work around the clock to investigate your case and they have the tools and resources to find what you are looking for. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in their work."

D. Miller Background Investigations

"Professionalism at work."

Mitch Lash Executive Protection

"Private Eyes Inc is absolutely the BEST at what they do. I never had to call a PI in my lifetime and with my research I am so glad I chose Private Eyes. I had some very embarrassing and hurtful circumstances that I was going through. I was scared and didn't know what to expect. Right from the first call Private Eyes made me feel comfortable talking with them. They showed compassion for me and the pain I was going through. Private Eyes worked as a team to quickly get started on my case and always kept me informed of what they had done and what they planned to do. Private Eyes will not prolong your case to get more money, they jump on it and get it done. They have highly trained personnel that are very capable and up to date high technology that gets the job done quickly, professionally and legally. Everything you get from Private Eyes is legal and will hold up in court. I highly recommend Private Eyes, Inc. They are truly the people you can trust!"

L. Woolard Domestic Investigations

"Used them to find a lost relative of over 40 years. With limited information they found my relative in two weeks. Best private eye firm around!! Fast, Friendly, and Cost Efficient."

M. Nicholson Missing Persons & Locates


Executive Protection Success Hinges on Investigative Talents

Excellent read focusing on the importance of having a robust Protective Intelligence program that conducts thorough and continual threat assessments. "It is the job of that team to ensure the physical safety of the principal and also the principal’s and his or her organization’s reputations." The North Carolina Protection Group does just that. We work extremely hard to ensure our principal's safety and reputation are paramount to the service we provide. NC Protection Group (d.b.a. Private Eyes, Inc.) Protection and Concierge Services | Protecting you and your interests is what we do.

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Many of us for better or worse, live or die by our skill level to effectively operate the features of our smartphones. Having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s when the concept of something like a smartphone was truly science fiction, I still marvel at the things that can be done with the small handheld device we all utilize. As the saying goes if you’re in a jam call a lawyer and he/she shows up with a flip phone pray for a file in a cake.

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By LaSorsa & Associates: As an innovative and value-driven training provider, we strive to be on the forefront of the industry in technique and in true benefit to our students. As such, beginning in our October 20-28 9 day comprehensive Executive Protection Training Program, LaSorsa & Associates will be teaming up with Vehicle Dynamics Institute by incorporating their highly acclaimed Protective/Evasive Driving course into the program. Along with the certificates LaSorsa & Associates awards for the various components of the course, students who complete the Protective/Evasive Driving component will be presented with a separate certificate of completion from VDI, providing an even greater training value to an already leading program.

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For professional private investigators and even some in the security field, a piece of gear that seems to pile up over the years is cameras. Not only are we always searching for the next best thing, but when it comes to any type of electronic gear like cameras, the next best thing is always right around the corner. Here, we share some experiences with some of the cameras we have used in our surveillance operations over tens of thousands of hours of surveillance.

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As with many of us, the search for the next best piece of gear is never ending. However, it is nice to hear feedback from other’s experiences with gear in order to save money and time. This article shares some insight on the writer’s favorite set of options for an EDC Flashlight.

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As current threats develop and old threats evolve, everyday people are subject to complex issues in which the overwhelming majority are unaware of and/or unprepared to face. Not everyone can afford private protective services, so what can they do to better protect themselves and become their own bodyguard? In this article, we’ll discuss increasing your own survivability and that of those you love and protect. When considering personal protection, we can most appropriately break down the dynamics therein by priority and by type. For the purpose of this article, we will be briefly discuss awareness, planning, skills, fitness and tools with many links included to other article that are more in depth on the topic.

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There are many questions when it comes to licensing, however most of them are quickly and simply answered by reviewing the state’s licensing laws. A good informative read - check it out.

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